The “Dreaded” Dollar Store

Do you think you can find a “steal of a deal” for a measly one dollar? You may want to re-evaluate your decision before entering that store!


From the late 90’s (in Toronto) there has been a huge saturation of “Dollar Stores” popping around town. Now, it just seems to be a standard when new commercial developments are being constructed. However, their popularity has increased so significantly that you’ll even see these dollar stores in big shopping malls now, and man are they busy!

I’m not out hating these stores but at times it frustrates me when someone mentions “getting a deal”. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that are worthwhile purchasing; such as, greeting cards, storage boxes and even stationary items (just a few). However, I see people walking out carrying “quality limited” kitchenware, shampoo, hand towels and even headphones.

Some tips I’d suggest:

1) If it doesn’t give you the number of ounces under a glass then your chance of having the glass broken is too good.

2) If there is any foreign language on your bottle of shampoo other than english or french (Spanish in the US) then I would hesitate on what’s really inside that bottle. It is shampoo but probably not the real thing.

3) We all know that electronics are always CSA approved so if you don’t see that CSA stamp on that package, don’t buy it.

These are just some “lessons” people have learned over the years so please absorb these tips before embarking on your next adventure to the “Dollar Store”. It may cost you a buck or two, so spend it wisely, after all it is your hard earned money.

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