Climbing the Corporate Ladder Without Brown Nosing

Tired of seeing that one employee waltzing into work carrying a coffee for himself and another one for the project managers. “What an ass kisser”, you think to your self. The general assumption is that if you kiss your boss’s butt then you’ll escalate the corporate ladder faster than others and shelter your employment. I don’t think so!!!

In the corporate world, the employee is a mere utensil. As soon as that utensil is old or no longer required, it’s disposed. Sad, but true. Kissing the boss’s butt may satiate yourself but genuinely your boss will generally play along and think, “how weak is this person?”. This may direct to small hollow projects, nothing else.

I’m not a CEO but here are some traits I’ve cultured over the years that might avert you from kissing butt:

1) Don’t get implicated with the groups of people known to point fingers at one another. Ultimately, your day might come and the likelihood of progression will evaporate. Try to be a dedicated subject to the “untouchables” in the office and deem in “what’s best for the company”.

2) Drive to avoid back biting anyone inside or outside the company. Eventually, you may reflect that your confidential secret with a co-worker is safe but, it will leak. This is what co-workers look for and what gets people in danger. If you have a concern to indicate, than confront the person, it’s a more respectable characteristic.

3) Attempt to receive the big glorifying projects, rather than the small, measly projects. A relentless, job hungry employee is what employers admire. The attitude of “crave to acquire and succeed” will definitely turn some heads in upper management, so show some hunger!

4) Creating a log of the different types of jobs you’ve done is indispensable. In due course, this would be useful to present to your boss come “review day”. It also exhibits a sense of responsibility and can be used to trail a critical mistake before the finger is pointing at you. Employers like truthful workers, so even if you were at fault, the employer will have more respect for you when admitting.

5) Always try to get ahead in learning more about what you do as a company. Challenge to augment your skill level so you may realize your goals in a shorter and proficient amount of time.

Now how about a paycheck for a job well done rather than a job brown nosed!!!

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