Travis Dane once said in his movie, Under Siege 2, “assumption is the mother of all F-ups”. Damn was he right!

In our society, we presume things and that’s the problem. Whether it be in the workplace, amongst husband/wife or even with friends. Assumption is a dangerous entity in all every circumstances resulting in stressful times.

One can get fired if he/she doesn’t research the required information before executing a task. In one of my previous jobs, I vividly remember a fellow employee being “released” because he didn’t research through enough material before working on a certain project. In the workplace there is a certain protocol of doing things and assumption is not one of them.

A happily married couple can separate despite years of trust just because of a silly assumption. There are married couples out there that have torn their lives without investigating the reason.
“If he came back from late from work then he must be having an affair”. Someone might even see you, “having lunch/dinner” with a client and is immediately targeted as a cheater, unknown to the fact that the person was with a client.

Finally, friends can be lost when they begin concluding things amongst their “group”. I won’t even go through details cause every circle of friends rides this wagon, we all know.

How can we prevent assuming things? Research you information, find evidence for your reasoning and communicate with people. These simple steps can easily prevent making or breaking a job or saving a healthy relationship. What steps do you use?



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5 responses to “Assumption

  1. Assuming something always seems to find trouble no matter what the situation is. I think we all at one time or another have assumed things that later turned out to be false. Hopefully we learned from our mistakes and learn to get our facts together first. Good blog post! Thanks for sharing

  2. I preemptively blow up all the time. I wish I wasn’t such a hot-head sometimes — it’s because of what you summarized here in your post. It’s just an assumption. It’s funny, it seems like I’m *always* wrong — every time!

    You could try this:

    “3..2..1..1..2..3..What is it that’s bothering me.” (That usually pisses me off even more haha!)

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