Crazy Drivers


“You moron, get off the road!”
“Where the hell did you learn how to drive?”
“Any slower, are you driving Miss. Daisy?”

These are probably some of the “nicer” comments you’d encounter between two driver’s yelling at one another. What really ticks you off, regarding “horrible, inconsiderate drivers?”

I had an instance today where I was cruising along the highway and “Mrs. Civic” has the thirst to invade my lane! Hello, engineer’s were nice enough to design a lane indicator stick, use it please! I mean, does it really require that much effort to signal, despite the fact that it’s located at the tips of your fingers. Oh I forgot, it must be the blind spot that’s atrociously challenging, c’mon honey! Just my 2 cents about today’s incident.

But wait people! It’s not just the lane changers, it just doesn’t end there…there are more! Call them whatever you want:

– road hoggers
– natural slow pokes
– honkers (for no reason)
– the one’s on the cell phone and are swirling all over the road
– one’s afraid of the concrete barrier and are literally almost in your lane
– one’s who still don’t comprehend the “right of way” and are just holding up everything
– the drivers’s who allow almost everyone into your lane and delay traffic
– the one’s afraid of bikers and again, are almost in your lane
– tailgaters


What about the driver’s that don’t allow you in their lane. It’s like it’s against their morals or something! Why do our fellow driver’s have to be so selfish? I know the world is moving at a fast pace and people have to get to their respective destinations but where is common courtesy today? Is it extinct? Do they not make it anymore?

What ticks you off? Share your experience? Have you ever been in road rage?



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3 responses to “Crazy Drivers

  1. I encounter alllll of those people every day when I drive to work. 50 miles each way – goodness gracious! How do I stay sane?! You know what gets me? When evvvvveryone knows that the lane ahead is merging…yet no one merges till the absolute last second. 😐 What … the … heck? lol Great post – I can totally relate.

  2. I think that people are in a bubble when they are in a car. Because of the distance, they are detached emotionally to the other driver. Just a thought because it drives me nuts too. Pun intended…..

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