“Book Smarts” versus “Street Smarts”

In our society, there is a diverse separation amongst two classifications of packs. These crowds reside in our daily lives, whether they are in our workplace, within friends or even family. The bottom line is that you can’t evade them, not that they present any detriment to civilization. Infact, their actuality makes living life more inspiring.

In one corner you have the “Book Smarts” and in the other corner, behold the “Street Smarts”. Who are these groups? Allow my judgments to regale you as these delineations are established on our everyday lives.

“Book Smarts” are the style of people that trust heavily on what they erudite in school. Their people that staple to policies and procedures and are exceedingly academically educated. They don’t bow to rules and regulations, yet abide by what the book decrees. Are they easy targets for getting conned by people? I know some people who have and I’ve seen some intelligent people who don’t even know how to react at a yellow traffic light! Regardless, their methodology on handling very basic life scenarios is inept as they are not the kings of negotiators. Conversely, they are feasibly the most conversant theorists and scholars that can mesmerize people with their research and connect missing links as if it was second nature. Yes, graduating from university does provide a solid stomping ground as footing but eventually with time expended that theoretical experience transmutes into practical experience, depending on the circumstances that is.

“Street Smarts” have been the cluster that might’ve not handled well in post-secondary yet conquered feat in their nominated careers. They identify how to convey deals, fulfill client inevitabilities, socialize and effectually seal the deal. Having “Street Smarts” is advantageous when you need to offer customer support with recounted experiences and verdicts. After all time is the best teacher, or is it? Disadvantages with “Street Smarts” ascend when a problem with capricious details requires devotion and a fix isn’t imminent due to your dearth of book knowledge. For example, putting yourself in a state where the law is required may not be your cup of coffee because you’re lack theoretical culture. There are scarce quantities of notables whom are “Street Smart’ and have succeeded, such as: Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Steve Wozniak and more. Why? Cause they possessed the skill of communicating with clients in a real fashion, in a real world.

To conclude, it’s a win-win scale while the only dissimilarity between the two groups is how you resolve the problem. You can use your tailored experience to call the shots, or apply your academic wisdom and follow the theoretical approach.

What are you? “Street Smart” or “Book Smart”?



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2 responses to ““Book Smarts” versus “Street Smarts”

  1. I find it’s best to be street smart. I have the internet for everything else. That makes me both book smart and street smart, yes? 😉

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