Is Boxing Day Overrated?

December 26th, a day most people live for. A day where millions of people queue up for hours and hours to abide their pursue in conquering the “best deals” in town. A day where many attest patience in line. A day where shoppers verbally assault one another for parking spots, bicker for food court tables, push and shove whilst open doors….tis the season folks, for Boxing Day!

Although, contriving the right deal does digest an amount of blood, sweat and tears, most people fist pump their way home with the sweetest of deals. Popular bargains are largely in the department of technical items, such as:

– televisions
– “iDevices
– camcorders
– cameras
– computers and others

Is it worth the exertion to snatch these deals? Though many people are willing to endure the strictest of weathers, is it worth sacrificing your health and sleep just to save a few bucks? At times you can ascertain deals without the added tension of lengthy lines and delays, though your composure will need to be firm. Frequently there isn’t enough stock or specific stores acquire a certain amount and that replenished time could be days or weeks.

This isn’t a “Boxing Day Survival List”, it’s a mere thought catering to shoppers like me who question if the exertion is worth bragging rights amongst friends and family.

Will you be prepared for Boxing Day? Or is Boxing Day overrated?

Will the deliberation of shopping online entice your credit card?



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11 responses to “Is Boxing Day Overrated?

  1. I always preferred Boxing Day to be about recovering after all the travelling between family on Christmas Day. It seems too much effort to queue up outside a shop during the night to save a little money. Not for me. Online bargains perhaps though all I’ve bought are some books so not a big spender this sales season 🙂

    • Online shopping seems like the way to go, if you want to avoid all the tenison that tag along with Boxing Day shopping! Thanks for your comment and sorry my tardiness in replying.

      • No problem. Online shopping seems to be killing our high streets at the moment. Maybe we should all try and buy from actual shops some times as well 🙂

  2. It does seem overrated to me. I’ve heard that some families don’t even get presents Christmas morning, but instead they receive money to buy things on Boxing Day.

  3. raeme67

    Sounds like Black Friday in the States, which I stay away from at all costs! (no pun intended)

  4. Can’t really relate because we have neither (boxing day or black friday), 🙂 But I’ve seen this on tv and it’s quite fascinating that people would even camp outside the store just to wait for the doors to literally open. It does looks fun though, everybody running like they’re getting stuff for free (although I heared that when you say it’s on ‘sale,’ it’s really on sale). But the ‘worrier’ me thinks, has there ever been cases where people get hurt or something? Anyways, we do flood the malls as well during ‘sale’ season, but you can rarely find items that are 50% off, so I don’t find it worth your time considering all the ques everywhere (cashier, fitting rooms, parking, etc.)

  5. Hey Salman!

    I’ve done the Black Friday thing in the states and it ain’t worth it. Especially in the last few years when the deals just haven’t been all that good. Got better things to do, like sleep through the night.

    Appreciate you stopping by my blog; glad you found some worthwhile reading. All the best!

  6. I would normally head out with my friends at about 3am grab a coffee and we people watch while laughing and singing (horribly) to the songs on the radio. It’s my favorite day but the coffee is my purchase and I pay cash.

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