Behind an Idling Car

After celebrating my survival of shovelling the driveway, with a few hiccups that is (2 blog posts ago), the body coveted a long shower tacked with a padded nap. However, fellow husbands can agree that slacking doesn’t exist on a Saturday morning. While arresting a few minutes of indoor heat, the wife whipped up a grocery list and blithely awarded it to me like a high school graduate receiving his/her diploma.

Dropping my head in fatigue, I drifted towards my ride and serenely sat in my car. Anticipating that it would be smooth start, I positioned the key in the ignition and listened for any choking noise. Yes, so far so good. Normally my car requires 5-6 minutes to idle and then I’m good to go. Well what do you know? 10:01am, it’s been a minute already!

The temperature forced my cold hands to refuge under my thighs while the chattering of my teeth mirrored a song I usually hummed on a hot day. Adjusting my seat to its maximum comfort, I gazed at the ceiling and scrutinized the interior. “Damn, this car needs some cleaning,” I thought to myself while feathering through the side pockets that were stuffed with notes, reminders, old car service receipts and more. That’s about two minutes gone!

Tuning my attention to the passenger side of the car, I observed how much crap was collected, especially with all the grime and dirt that shoes drag in. There was a firm distinction of cleanliness on the factory “carpet” in my car, compared to the mat that was atop. Ogling at weeks of aggregated guck ultimately formed a hideous layer as it’d require a hefty amount of perspiration to rid of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a slob. I honour my property but sometimes the hustle bustle of everyday errands can’t accommodate everything. That’s three minutes gone already!

Reclining my seat to its limit, I lay to stretch my back and eagerly anticipated a relaxing symphony of cracks from the combination of twisting. A passerby stared at me rather mysteriously and probably thought I was a nutcase, wiggling around like a restless baby in my car. In disappointment, there were no cracking sounds so I gracefully closed my eyes for a few seconds and cleared my mind while consuming the soothing hum of my engine…

Being a husband/father, there’s never peace and quiet as the phone’s ringing suddenly jolted me from my seat. With my eyes stumbling to open, I dubiously answered as if the anaesthesia was wearing off. My 8-year-old son quietly muttered, “Are you gone shopping yet? Your car is still on the driveway!”. I forced to open my eyes and briskly glared at the time, 10:30am!!! “I’m leaving now because the car was super cold and needed extra time to get warm, see ya in a bit”, I told my son as I hastily ended the phone call.

Damn, I fell asleep for almost half an hour whilst the car running. Lesson learned, next time I’m driving the car off the driveway regardless how hot or cold it is!

Has something of this similar nature transpired with you?



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6 responses to “Behind an Idling Car

  1. Lol, you should have said you just got back but you have to go back out because you forgot something on the list. 😛

  2. Safi

    Just the part where the wife hands you the grocery list made me shudder. Happens to me all the time.

  3. Oh, no! Can’t say this has ever happened to me. I have, however, forgotten that I started mine once and left it running unattended for a bit longer than I would have liked.

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