Birthday Poem

This is my first stab at poetry so I figured I’d try it on my daughters’ birthday! Enjoy!

From the day you were born
It was love at first sight
 I was yielded by your innocence
God created you with all his might

You were petite and pretty
Attitude by far
Hands so small
Eyes gleaming like a star

Voice so friable
Spirited so swell
With your brother, your chemistry
Thank god it gels

Your crying, your giggles
Your attitude, your charm
I love you to death
God protect you from harm

Your making me old
And I don’t mind
Your my sweetheart, my life
 My love for you is devine

The years have blazed forth
And you’ve grown to fast
Please stop time!
This is too much of a blast

Another year has departed
And the day has finally here
To pull out the cake
And cherish with your dears

You’ve reached five years
And I’m counting my grays
Your making me older
 Zaina! Happy Birthday!!!



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8 responses to “Birthday Poem

  1. It’s a sweet poem and your daughter am sure will treasure it for years.

  2. free penny press

    It’s very lovely and might i suggest you print her a copy and frame it.. as a daughter, I can tell you she will treasure your words!!

  3. It is lovely and your daughter will treasure it.

  4. So so beautiful! You excelled at your challenge ~ your daughter will cherish forever (I still have the one my Dad wrote me at 10 ) 🙂 Best to you and happy bd to your little girl! ~ RL

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