Exuberance At It’s Best

While consuming my fixed dosage of broadcasted NHL hockey last week, an update from another game seized my attention as I beheld a goal celebration that was disputed by many NHL luminaries. The fête was of 19 year old Russian born player, Nail Yakupov who plays for the Edmonton Oilers and scored his second NHL goal. Although Yakupov’s celebration was very similar to Theo Fleury’s, it was very much welcomed by Edmonton fans. The timely goal was quite phenomenal but it’s the celebration that’s being delved.

A little précis for the folks that are unversed with the state in the video below. Edmonton (blue) is the home team and L.A. (white) is the visiting team. Mind you that L.A. is the present Stanley Cup champions with their star studded roster and are winning the game by a 1-0 score. Prior to the start of this video, Edmonton tied the game but the goal was disallowed due to “goaltender interference,” and now Edmonton works their magic. The rest is for you to make the judgement with the 1 minute video below. Please watch!

(Video: From Youtube)

Many critics/analysts have cited the celebration as “stupid” and “unnecessary,” and totally denigrating the opposition. “It was redundant and imprudent, it wasn’t as if the kid won the game for them, he only tied it!”, blasted a news commentator. “L.A. won’t forget him!” said another reporter.

However, the other side of the rink extolled the merriment! “So what if Yakupov’s vitality jolted the crowd?” claimed a fan on the radio. “He’s 19 and it’s the biggest goal for the kid in his lifetime, he’s just trying to have some fun,” mumbled another hockey nut. “It was an innocent reaction of joy,” professed another listener.

Personally, I disagree with the critics/analysts concerning their sentiments and relished the goal! How could any team affront the opposition with such a festivity? Should our actions have no character? I agree that there is an applicable time and place for celebration when capitalizing, but to exhibit a lifeless face whilst returning to the bench is irrational! How can I not be surged with adrenalin by equalizing the game with mere seconds? Should I plaster an exclamation mark on my face and veil my emotions? This is entertainment; fans digest top dollars not only to engross the atmosphere in the arena but to eyewitness top players craft history. By the way, Edmonton won this game in overtime.

Do you think Nail Yakupov’s actions were “overboard” or “vindicated?” Have you (or anyone else) ever concoct actions similar to this during/after a game?



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11 responses to “Exuberance At It’s Best

  1. I think that team has every reason to celebrate the small victories. With the exception of 2006, *ahem*, when they beat my Wings, they haven’t really had a lot to celebrate. (I can still hear the games in my head, and the names)

    That team is gonna be really good for a really long time. I cannot believe how stacked with young talent they are.

    • Adam, I hear ya man! They are stacked for sure, let’s see what the future holds for them. Unless my Leafs can do something…we in Toronto haven’t seen a Stanley Cup in over 40 years…at least your Wings have made you proud. Keep blogging dude!

  2. dianacv2013

    There’s nothing wrong with how he celebrated that goal! It was an important goal considering, as you said, the previous one was disallowed. It was a big moment for him, no one has the right to take that away or criticize him…let him bask in the glory for a few short moments. Congratulations to him!

  3. Sometimes those last gasp goals that salvage a draw are the most emotional and the most celebrated. In my years of watching football (soccer) and my team is losing until they somehow come up with a tieing goal in the last seconds or mintues of a game I know I have a much more visceral and jubilant reaction than most of the other goals they score. So, I understand the kid’s celebration and embrace it – he won’t get any criticism from me.

    • Lol! Thanks for commenting, I appreciate the feedback. I’m sure he won’t receive that much criticism but it was funny how quickly his “antics” got attention. Harmless, I tell you. Do visit again!

  4. Definitely called for. This post reminds me, how’s your graciously replaced hockey stick going?

  5. Oh I see you got Liebster Award already.. But I also nominated you for Liebster, and if you like to collect Liebster hearts like I do, know that you got one from me too 🙂
    All the best!

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