Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words Take Two – Lost Loves

Photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas.

Photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas.

After settling in our hotel room, my wife, Karen and I established to hit the streets of Spain and regale our wallets. It was a trip lingering in the pipeline for years but we finally snatched the chance and decided to escape Toronto’s “winter wonderland.”

The weather in Spain was undeniably beautiful, but nothing parallel to the captivation Karen beheld. I quickly put on navy blue t-shirt with my long cargo shorts and ventured out of the hotel room. “Let’s do this!”, I yelled in hype as we departed. I grasped the main hotel door leading us to Spanish civilization and was applauded with blast of heat while departed the world of air conditioners. “Whoa, what a change in temperature!”, Karen slurred.

We ambled along the streets, visited limited shops, laughing hand in hand with the woman of my dreams. As we rounded a bend, Karen’s attention was surrendered to a jewelry shop and as usual she dragged me in there like it was ritual. Snickering around like a kid at a candy shop, Karen was “trying on” practically everything. “How’s this one?”, she asked while posing like a model. “Mind-blowing”, I grinned. I had all the patience in the world but jewelry shops were my kryptonite, the minutes drove me silly. “I could feel myself getting older babe”, I laughed in cynicism.

We finally cashed out and clogged the store’s entrance, “what’s next?”, Karen asked. “I thought it be cool if we took the tram right to the top and get a view from up there!”, while pointing at the hill. “I’m game”, Karen muffled. I managed to dialog with the shop clerk thanks to my handy English-Spanish conversion book, she confirmed the tram was a free service and operates every half hour. The tram station was visible from the shop door where we discovered a minute was separating us from the tram’s departure, as per the jewelry store clerk.

“Race ya there?”, Karen whispered, as she ran her finger along my chin. She quickly gathered her silver flip-flops and bolted. I was overdue for about 2 seconds, meditative at her proposal I then gave chase, while she was ran like a pack of hyenas were after her. “I can’t run in these flip flops”, I muttered to myself while pursuing. I abruptly slipped and plunged to the ground. The flip-flop’s traction failed as I landed on my right knee, it wasn’t bleeding but the pain seized me. Presuming that I was on her tail, Karen had blatantly entered the tram and was dazed to see my still a few meters infront of the jewelry shop.

The tram door closed and commenced its’ incline up the hill. Karen appealed with the operator to halt the tram, it was too late. A bald man in a green shirt can be seen reassuring Karen as Karen started signalling up the hill with her arms. With my translation book in hand, I warily collected myself and proceeded to the tram station in search of the tram’s detailed route. After handling a sense of communication, the woman at the tram station established that the route was 30 minutes long, with the tram making its first stop in 15 minutes.

I started my upward trek and shadowed the tram tracks with what was remaining of my legs, specifically my right leg where the pain of the bruise escalated, though wasn’t bleeding. Climbing the steps towards the top was a daunting task especially with these flip-flops, it felt like I was on “Stairmaster”, but oblivious of the remaining time. As I sustained my trip, I realised that Karen would’ve got off at the next stop as per my discussion with her on our flight, for when we got lost or something. The unlucky thing was we only had one unlocked phone with the local sim card, I couldn’t even call her, who thought we’d get segregated like this?

Following the tracks like a hound dog, I arrived at a split of the tracks and had to pick a path, right or left? I took a chance and went left only to witness an ambulance situated at the side of the tracks, engulfed with a herd of people. My heart fell to my stomach with haunting beliefs hijacking my mind. “Oh my god what happened? Please god, don’t do this to me!”, I solicited in my mind. Fear ravaged me as I slowly edged the crowd. Hesitant to direct my feet, I managed to get a sight above the mob and saw two silver flip-flops, just like Karen’s! I crept a bit closer. There sat a Spanish woman who had been just hit by a car. The terror that was lurking within me totally evaporated when I realized the woman was wearing a red t-shirt! What a scare! I swiftly back peddled to where the tracks split and turned right.

As the climb continued, emotions apprehended me but luckily my sweat was able to disguise my tears since I wasn’t eager on receiving attention from onlookers. “How far is she?”, I queried in a frustrated voice. The heat attacked me as my perspiration began dominating my shirt; but thankfully it wasn’t that evident. I halted at an ice cream shop to take a break and cool off. While there, I accomplished to receive information of this tram’s routing from the shop clerk. I was shocked to discover that the route where the woman was hurt ended a few minutes going henceforward, meaning the right side was the correct path!

I jolted out of the ice cream shop and imbibed up the final kilojoules in my tank and hiked the hill. “She can’t be far now!”, I murmured to myself. As I sauntered, I ultimately spotted her tram in the distance. “Hey, there’s that bald guy in the green t-shirt!”, I cheered. There stood the love of my life eagerly waiting for me opposite the other side of the tram. Like a kindergarten kid running towards his mom, I dashed to the finish line with all of my might and hugged Karen. My arms enveloped around her as my heart throbbed quickly, feeling every ounce of her warmth against her body, trailed with a passionate stamp. “Don’t ever do that again”, I joked. As she snivelled in happiness, she chuckled, “You need some running shoes mister.”

All of a sudden someone came from behind us and snapped this photo of us!



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11 responses to “Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words Take Two – Lost Loves

  1. Oh my gosh, what a fantastic story! And how wonderful that you have this photo and great moment to cherish.

  2. Awesome post!

  3. You are such a lovely couple! Love is behind your every word! 🙂 That is such a great feeling to go on a trip with your beloved and share all those moments.
    By the way, your writing is great, I really like your style!

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