Daily Prompt: Deja Vu – Life’s Lessons


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Have you ever truly felt déjà vu, the sensation that you’ve already had the experience you’re currently having?

Life is full of eccentric experiences but it seems that finding money and I have an exclusive liaison. Nah, I’m not talking about the usual $5-$10 flapping down a murky sidewalk. I’m talking about triple digits and more, the big bucks!

Why am I the chosen one? I query myself, or maybe god is challenging my goodness, my intentions, how good of a human am I? You know what I mean!

When I was a younger lad, my father and I had discovered someone’s hard earned money, cashed out and satiated in an envelope while leaving our building’s garage level. I recall how vividly that white envelope stood out like a sore thumb that evening, as I whisked away and snatched the prize. My father’s shadow immediately eclipsed me, gazing down with his hand firmly out and demanding the find. “We’re not going keep it?”, I muttered in disappointment. “No, it someone’s hard earned money, so we have to return it,” necessitated the boss. The total was $375 and we finally trailed down the original owner via posting a flyer in the building elevators. Luckily the originator’s surname was inscribed, leading my father to furnish his own interrogation since there were multiple amounts of people with that last name. He ultimately prospered and was offered half the amount from the owner but my dad refused. It was an important lesson as I tucked away the experience within my memory bank.

Fast forward 30 years.

Married and a father of two children now, my son and I were returning to our car from grocery shopping on a very gloomy Saturday. I quickly discharged the goodies in my car and unlocked the door for my 6 year old son (at the time). I started to buckle myself but observed that his door was still open as curiosity led him under someone’s parked car. I got out and ran around to investigate and discovered a thick white envelope was in his tenure coupled with a unique “finders keepers, losers weepers” smirk. The flashbacks started revisiting me as déjà vu settled in. I knew how to handle this. We gathered ourselves in my car and were ready for that father-son moment. I obviously knew what was inside as the envelope’s transparency was nothing short of eye candy. I let the kid have some fun, “go ahead and open it,” I said while smirking. His little hands quivered with happiness as I was stunned at the amount of bills that were inside. “Can we keep it?”, he questioned. “No, it someone else’s money, it doesn’t belong to us so we have to return it,” I clarified to him. After tallying up the discovered $1200, I properly seated my son in his carseat and patrolled the immediate perimeter. This was an easy one as the owner’s name was clearly displayed on the transaction slip and it was the only parked car in our vicinity. The bonus was that here license plate was here surname! “That was a piece of cake,” I mumbled to myself and savoured a very special déjà vu.



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14 responses to “Daily Prompt: Deja Vu – Life’s Lessons

  1. What a wonderful story! I once lost over $400 and no one helped me out.

  2. kansamuse

    It is great people teach such wonderful lessons to their children and return the money,

  3. What a great story! Someone was quite blessed to have you find their money…twice. Amazing.

  4. Hello Salman and thank you for the follow. One of the great delights of blogging for me is following a like, a comment or a follow, and discovering another person’s thoughts so beautifully expressed, and enjoying the simple pleasure of a shared humanity, such as I have found here. I look forward to more of your well crafted and insightful posts. Salud!

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