Creativity of a Hockey Lover

My son was invited to a birthday party from a fellow teammate. The family celebrating rented out a facility that consisted of a cool miniature “3 on 3” hockey rink that kept the kids engaged. While many father’s huddled in packs, sipping on the heated spoils of winter, other fathers were amazed at the level of sustenance required in running such an establishment.

As temperatures slithered below a tolerable level, Ken (the goalie’s father) and I whisked away to explore all the other facilities the “hockey loving” owner had brewed up. Unfortunately, besides the rare jerseys encased up, there weren’t anymore headline news coming from this place.

However, the two of us kept roaming around like two lost mules where Ken finally caught this from the corner of his eye. (See below)


The “Hockey Bench”

Creatively, the “hockey savvy” owner recycled many sticks and amassed them into a neat little bench. He didn’t deduct any reputation of Canada’s favourite pastime and even tossed in the “goalie’s touch” and utilized a netminder’s paddle as a unique sidearm. Ken and I were left jaw dropped and couldn’t stop appreciating this bench. I gave it a test and hesitantly sat down. It felt like I was on a park bench but was more comfortable, maybe the number of sticks involved hugged the curves better. Regardless, it was a hit! This bench can be found at the “Rink of Dreams” in Milton, Ontario.

Have you ever encountered something uniquely crafted?



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8 responses to “Creativity of a Hockey Lover

  1. Never. That is SO awesome.

  2. Clever recycling job!
    On our trip to Canada, we saw Adirondack chairs that looked a little odd. When we got closer, we saw they had been built out of repurposed skis. We were very impressed.

  3. So cool! Beautiful and very practical.

  4. No posts since many days ??

  5. Hi Salman–thanks for the like of my post. I HAVE to show this to my son. He lives and breathes hockey, which down here in FL is a bit difficult. He even named his cat (now my cat) after a hockey player–Teemu! 🙂

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