Daily Prompt: Just Another Day – Peaceful Moments


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Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Pressing the repeat button in our lives is exigent. Whether it’s an unadorned action or a substantially bigger task, you adhere to the routine, cause it’s a part of your life.

Praying for me is paramount. It’s an intimacy I commit daily and is a peaceful experience everyone should enact. Not only is praying essentially a high order of commendation in my faith, but the proximity and peace one experiences is truly gratifying. The sensation, the oneness, the silent colloquy with God are moments in the day I absorb a true bonding with my lord.

Is praying something you do everyday?



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5 responses to “Daily Prompt: Just Another Day – Peaceful Moments

  1. Not a strong believer in god. But its good you have that as part of your day, especially for the feelings of peace it brings.

  2. I like the idea of a daily practice that helps ground you and keep you connected to something larger than yourself. Like El Guapo, I’m not a believer, but I do enjoy my simple rituals as well – writing 3 pages in a freethought journal and practicing a little yoga in the morning keeps my mind and body feeling ready to take on any new challenges.

  3. Every morning when my alarm goes off, I read a daily devotional and talk to God before getting up to wake my daughters for school. I thank Him, by faith, for the stamina sufficient to handle whatever will come my way during the day and then I repeat a few times, “God’s got me.”

    One of my absolute most favorite daily rituals is to go into each of my daughters’ rooms and wake them by rubbing their backs as I read Psalm 91 and pray the Lord’s Prayer over them.

  4. For people reading this wonderful post who don’t adhere to any organised religion I have a suggestion: just put images- religion vs spirituality and you will get a lot of great quotes! Have a nice day. I am surviving naturally and spiritually happy!

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