Will Justice Be Served?

(Image Source: Google Images)

(Image Source: Google Images)

A few weeks back Zack Snyder got the blood boiling of every individual in Hall #4 of the San Diego Convention Center. Snyder apparently rushed onto a flight and accompanied a small tidbit of his upcoming project, “Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice”. The minisule trailer might’ve lacked in screen time but man, did it send quakes amongst the crowd.

I don’t have access to the footage but from first blush I’ve rallied that it portrays Batman (Ben Affleck) pulling the tarp off the Bat-Signal, turning it on and glaring into the night with his white “sonar” eyes. The Bat-Signal rules the night sky for a second when after the crack of thunder you see Superman (Henry Cavill) standing in front of the Bat-Signal and staring back at the caped crusader with his red laser eyes. Batman retorts the stare with the same sonar eyes and clearly has the “What the heck are you doing here”, look. The trailer ends there and the crowd is nothing short of pumped.

In my opinion, It’s great to see Zack Snyder utilizing Frank Miller’s version of the Batman logo. Snyder has also resorted to the “armoury” adaptation of Batman, as portrayed in the comics. After all, the dark knight will need some extra “layering”, to battle Superman. You can’t really distinguish if this scene portrays Gotham or Metropolis, but if you follow the comics then history does dictate the most of the battles between Supes and Bats has been in Gotham. That’s it for the teaser. Cavill’s look hasn’t really changed since the last Superman movie, so there isn’t really much to exasperate over the man of steel. Zack Snyder also teased the audience with his rendering of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). While I won’t elaborate on the Amazonian princess in depth, I will say that she appears to be a decent fit. Many had concerns that she’s anemic for the role, yet it seems that she’s packed on some muscles and has done justice with Snyder’s foresight of Wonder Woman.

So, are the fans receiving what they want? Thus far, it appears that most of the fanfare is content with the teaser, and while appearance is a subject of discussion, the main focal point will be the storyline’s fluidity. I really hope Zack Snyder doesn’t make this Batman’s movie. It should be evenly distributed between Cavill and Affleck. Granted Ben does shoulder star power but it doesn’t mean that the caped crusader should receive all the accolades.

“Batman v Superman”, by no doubt is a shoe in for the Justice League and will be out in theatres in May 2016. Patience fellow fans, patience! Let’s hope Zack Snyder’s iteration of this movie does justice for the millions eager fans.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming flick? Does it look promising?



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8 responses to “Will Justice Be Served?

  1. I can’t for this movie. A vigilante vs a human alien. Both of my childhood heroes…you think they can muster in amitabh bachan some how ? . 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen any footage yet, but anything that leads up to a Justice League movie sounds good to me 😀 My main concern is that they’re going to go too dark and gritty. The Dark Knight trilogy was refreshing because it was so unexpectedly intense. But every single DC movie can’t be dark and gritty — it gets really boring after a while. I actually didn’t enjoy the latest Superman movie because of that — he was just SO angsty for the first half, and then the second half it was just people punching each other. Or at least, that was my take on it, lol — feel free to disagree. I guess what I’m hoping for is that they take a page out of Marvel’s book and remember that yes, superhero movies are supposed to be very dramatic and intense, but they also are allowed to have fun!

    • Hi Michelle and thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. The dark and gritty trend seems to work and it definitely worked with Batman. As you noted, Batman set the template for newer films. Superman was decent but it seemed that Zack Snyder’s overdose of crashing and bashing was the dominant complaint. I think DC will take a ride a different avenue when creating the Justice League and hopefully it’ll work. Avengers wasn’t dark but it had specific characters that catered to the masses. For example; a character like Robert Downey Jr. probably can’t be replicated with Justice League (unless a new face is introduced) cause he was a happy, comedic superhero who appealed to the fanfare. Whatever it is, I just hope Zack Snyder can’t seamlessly pull this off!

  3. Great review,Justice always prevail .Thank you for visiting my blog.Have a nice day.

  4. Can I speak some heresy here? I admit to never having read of of these comics as a kid. I was much more of a Brit comic lover (Starlord, 2000AD). Can I ask a potentially silly question? Why are Batman and Superman at odds with one another in this movie?
    Please excuse my ignorance on the matter!

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