The Batman v Superman Comic Con Trailer Review

The Trailer:

Director Zack Snyder dropped a bomb some weeks ago during this years Comic Con Conference. Warner Brothers and company released a colossal three minute trailer of their forthcoming film “Batman v Superman.” If this footage doesn’t get you skipping heartbeats then you may want to pay a visit to your family doctor.

Unlike last year’s snippet, which didn’t swell a storyline, the concept of the caped crusader versus the man of steel totally animated the world. After watching this new trailer, man I’m sold! I want more!

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Mind you this film is contiued from the “Man Of Steel.” The trailer starts of with Superman appearing in court and is being interrogated for his actions pertaining to destruction of Metropolis. Sure General Zod and him obliterated the city but justice was served, it’s just unfortunate that there was an enormous price to pay for saving the city.

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Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is shown running towards a smokescreen of dust and trying to save someone. Problem is that Superman and Zod fighting one another in Wayne Financial and eventually the behomoth slowly crumbles to pieces. Mr. Wayne is fuelled with anger and consequently this dictates the beef between Batman and Superman.

Mr. Wayne loves his employees and with the loss he realizes the sheer power that Superman possesses, he vows that he’ll destroy Superman and ultimately hold his responsible. Unlike previous iterations of Bruce Wayne, this millionaire is much older and has been around the block. Director Zack Snyder reveals that this Batman has been distanced from fighting crime for more than twenty years. The training to beat the man of steel begins. We are shown the Batsuit (which looks stunning) and then shown Robin’s vandalized suit with someone’s handwriting (supposedly the Joker) which clearly ridicules Batman. Now if we lend our ears to the comic universe then this expired Robin is presumably Jason Todd. This Batman isnt you’re happy go lucky dude saving the streets of Gotham with a smile. He’s a aggressive beast who brands his prey and is essentially showing Gotham that their enforcer is back.

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Neighbouring Metroplis has also learned about the Batman’s return, hence cueing Clark Kent’s curiosity into Batman’s world. The next scene shows Louis Lane encouraging Superman to continue serving justice and his symbolization to the world. People are idolizing him like a god and the next few seconds explains Ma Kent’s message to her “son.” The mother ultimately tells Clark to be a hero and do whatsoever to make the world a better place, or don’t get involved at all. Superman continues serving the world and is shown muscling a broken rocket safely to the ground.

Enter Lex Luthor. Now there’s been a lot of criticism with Jeese Eisenburg and his version of Lex Luthor, but I’ll get into personal performances in the end. Lex is shown with Superman at his feet, like as if he has him under some form of influence, perhaps kryptonite? General Zod’s dead body is shown and its speculated that Lex Luthor will use it to transform it into a bigger threat.

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The trailer goes into overdrive with sporadic and mesmerizing shots:

  • An army that’s bowing down to Superman and obviously working for him.
  • Ben Affleck taking the tarp off the Batsignal and turning it on.
  • A flashback of how Bruce Wayne’s parents died and their funeral.
  • The Batwing firing shots at some cars.
  • Wonder Woman creating a shield by banging her brackets together.
  • It seems there’s a speculated nightmare scene where Batman is seen in a trench coat and trying to fight off a herd of Superman soldiers. Batman’s snapping the neck of one of the troops.
  • Batman slugging out two Superman troops in his Batsuit.
  • Batman’s butler insisting to Bruce Wayne that Superman isn’t our enemy.
  • Batman in his Mech Suit jumping on Superman and crashing though the roof of a building/house. Superman looks tanked.
  • Wonder Woman being overwhelmed and tossed back from a bigger force. Could she be fighting Superman or Batman? Or Doomsday?
  • Superman using his heat vision on Batman while Batman frantically dodges it with a grapple gun.
  • A furious looking Superman taking Batman through the the window of a building/home.
  • The final scene is the showstopper. A vexed Superman walking towards the Batmobile and tearing the doors off only to find Batman sitting inside. Batman slowly steps up, ticked off and gazing Superman eye to eye.

(From: Google Images)

(From: Google Images)

Casting Review:
There was an online backlash when Ben Affleck was announced to play the role of the Dark Knight. However, after combing through the trailer, the world has given Affleck nothing but positive reinforcement. It’ll be interesting to hear what he sounds under the cowl cause this might make or break his performance.

Henry Cavill dawns the “Crest Of Hope” again. I liked him in the Man Of Steel and am content with his acting in this trailer. His 5000 calorie/day diet seems to be paying off as the brawny actor is oozing muscles though the Superman costume. He looks very convincing.

“She’s to skinny.” That was the word when Gal Gadot was revealed as the Amazon Princess. Her frequent trips to the gym might’ve paid off now that the world has witnessed her as Wonder Woman. She looks decent, has a bit of a deep voice but should be able to ride off this figure easily.
Jessie Eisenburg’s casting to me is a mismatch. This casting is to young to portray such a demonous and crafty character. He sounds out of place. Nevertheless, it obviously won’t be undone so let’s just live with it.

Will this film set the box office ablaze? How will the Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and Cyborg fit in this film?
Are you ready for this? What are you thoughts on the trailer???


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