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Daily Prompt: Just Another Day – Peaceful Moments


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Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Pressing the repeat button in our lives is exigent. Whether it’s an unadorned action or a substantially bigger task, you adhere to the routine, cause it’s a part of your life.

Praying for me is paramount. It’s an intimacy I commit daily and is a peaceful experience everyone should enact. Not only is praying essentially a high order of commendation in my faith, but the proximity and peace one experiences is truly gratifying. The sensation, the oneness, the silent colloquy with God are moments in the day I absorb a true bonding with my lord.

Is praying something you do everyday?


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Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy – Test Day


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What does “happiness” look like to you?

There are immeasurable facets in life that instigate happiness. Whether it be seclusion on a deserted island, a mere moment on the patio during the sunset, or even achieving a personal goal. That’s happiness!

My kids are my life. As a parent, we harbor every step they take, every move they make, but when they dodge the obstacles with your guidance, there isn’t an instance I wouldn’t be happy.

The other week, my son and I consumed some time cogitating in concert for his math test. Learning to familiarize himself to new aspects of math were vital, then I amused him with some shortcuts that, “ooo-ahhed” him into conceiving that it wasn’t too bad. A slightly oppressive experience, but then again, their kids, and if we don’t hold their hands along the way then how will they bloom into successful beings. Fast forward to “test day” and I found out that my son earned a bountiful “B+” that ultimately tickled my ribs with happiness.

How do you derive happiness?


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The Two Wheeled Monster

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(Image Source: Google Images)

As life’s challenges continue to barrage my existence, I’m finally embracing the sedulous task of teaching my son to ride a bike.

If my flashbacks serve me right, I was 9 years old when I clutched the motility of coasting down sidewalks. I vividly remember my father nursing my every peddle and comforting me throughout the dreadful trek. You thought fishing required tolerance? This is truly a test of patience and you don’t apprehend it till your own bundle of joy ventures to echo history.

I know many parents would rather toss their kids on a field, where the fall would cause minimal affliction, but daddy destined to administer a different detour. Though the imagination of falling on rock hard concrete haunted my son, we remained confident and approached the two wheeled beast.

In the anticipation of generating “tears of happiness” from mommy, Maazin and I strolled down to the longest stretch of sidewalk and got to work. It was nerve racking for the little guy, as each peddle pendulated him like an intoxicated person walking on a straight line. Grasping the back of his seat in full support, I can feel the little bugger scramble to repress his weight as he meandered away. Feeling like a cheap tow, I told my son to control his body and scrutinize on reminding straight with his arms in full control. At that point I began to support him by the waist instead, as we both waddled away.

What’s a lesson without a little whining? Excuses, excuses. From the sun getting into his eyes to me picking the wrong day. He had more stories than Walt Disney! From onlookers in cars honking in support (I hope), to joggers smirking during their exertion; we were having a ball. “I remember those days,” muttered a elderly gentlemen as he snickered in sarcasm.

The waist support was more cogent as we chugged along and digested about 8 pit stops. Their were signs of rectification being broadcasted as fruits of labour seem to be pay off. He didn’t learn immediately but there was a fine distinction that Maazin seized the concept.

All of a sudden, I lost a step and let Maazin go! He coasted for a solid two meters till he lost his balance and halted with his feet. Excited, shocked and moved, I kissed him in joy and was proud that my boy conquered the prerequisites.


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My Nomination – The Versatile Blogger Award


Fellow Blogger, Cheri Speak recently nominated me for an award. Broadcasting this acknowledgement is a mere way of saying “Thank Cheri!”

Do visit Cheri’s fantastic blog!

Here are the Rules of accepting The Versatile Blogger Award:
1. In a post on your blog, nominate 7 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award; and link to them.
2. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.
3. Thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
4. Share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
5. In the same post, include this set of rules.
6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

So here are (7) more hopefully some-what interesting things about myself:

  1. I’m married and have two children.
  2. Like any guy, I love my technical gadgets.
  3. I love hockey and thankfully have a weekly fix, although my wife hates it.
  4. I take forever to write, as I’m a deep thinker.
  5. I love my rice.
  6. I hate insects, I literally get the chills.
  7. I’m a very social guy.

Here are my seven (7) picks for the nomination to pass this award on (in no particular order): 

  1. Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson
  2. Adam S
  3. Pete Denton
  4. T. W. Dittmer
  5. Seyi Sandra
  6. Adventures & Tea
  7. Maryanne Mistretta

Thanks once again everyone! Your consistent visits mean the world to me!


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“Book Smarts” versus “Street Smarts”

In our society, there is a diverse separation amongst two classifications of packs. These crowds reside in our daily lives, whether they are in our workplace, within friends or even family. The bottom line is that you can’t evade them, not that they present any detriment to civilization. Infact, their actuality makes living life more inspiring.

In one corner you have the “Book Smarts” and in the other corner, behold the “Street Smarts”. Who are these groups? Allow my judgments to regale you as these delineations are established on our everyday lives.

“Book Smarts” are the style of people that trust heavily on what they erudite in school. Their people that staple to policies and procedures and are exceedingly academically educated. They don’t bow to rules and regulations, yet abide by what the book decrees. Are they easy targets for getting conned by people? I know some people who have and I’ve seen some intelligent people who don’t even know how to react at a yellow traffic light! Regardless, their methodology on handling very basic life scenarios is inept as they are not the kings of negotiators. Conversely, they are feasibly the most conversant theorists and scholars that can mesmerize people with their research and connect missing links as if it was second nature. Yes, graduating from university does provide a solid stomping ground as footing but eventually with time expended that theoretical experience transmutes into practical experience, depending on the circumstances that is.

“Street Smarts” have been the cluster that might’ve not handled well in post-secondary yet conquered feat in their nominated careers. They identify how to convey deals, fulfill client inevitabilities, socialize and effectually seal the deal. Having “Street Smarts” is advantageous when you need to offer customer support with recounted experiences and verdicts. After all time is the best teacher, or is it? Disadvantages with “Street Smarts” ascend when a problem with capricious details requires devotion and a fix isn’t imminent due to your dearth of book knowledge. For example, putting yourself in a state where the law is required may not be your cup of coffee because you’re lack theoretical culture. There are scarce quantities of notables whom are “Street Smart’ and have succeeded, such as: Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Steve Wozniak and more. Why? Cause they possessed the skill of communicating with clients in a real fashion, in a real world.

To conclude, it’s a win-win scale while the only dissimilarity between the two groups is how you resolve the problem. You can use your tailored experience to call the shots, or apply your academic wisdom and follow the theoretical approach.

What are you? “Street Smart” or “Book Smart”?


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Climbing the Corporate Ladder Without Brown Nosing

Tired of seeing that one employee waltzing into work carrying a coffee for himself and another one for the project managers. “What an ass kisser”, you think to your self. The general assumption is that if you kiss your boss’s butt then you’ll escalate the corporate ladder faster than others and shelter your employment. I don’t think so!!!

In the corporate world, the employee is a mere utensil. As soon as that utensil is old or no longer required, it’s disposed. Sad, but true. Kissing the boss’s butt may satiate yourself but genuinely your boss will generally play along and think, “how weak is this person?”. This may direct to small hollow projects, nothing else.

I’m not a CEO but here are some traits I’ve cultured over the years that might avert you from kissing butt:

1) Don’t get implicated with the groups of people known to point fingers at one another. Ultimately, your day might come and the likelihood of progression will evaporate. Try to be a dedicated subject to the “untouchables” in the office and deem in “what’s best for the company”.

2) Drive to avoid back biting anyone inside or outside the company. Eventually, you may reflect that your confidential secret with a co-worker is safe but, it will leak. This is what co-workers look for and what gets people in danger. If you have a concern to indicate, than confront the person, it’s a more respectable characteristic.

3) Attempt to receive the big glorifying projects, rather than the small, measly projects. A relentless, job hungry employee is what employers admire. The attitude of “crave to acquire and succeed” will definitely turn some heads in upper management, so show some hunger!

4) Creating a log of the different types of jobs you’ve done is indispensable. In due course, this would be useful to present to your boss come “review day”. It also exhibits a sense of responsibility and can be used to trail a critical mistake before the finger is pointing at you. Employers like truthful workers, so even if you were at fault, the employer will have more respect for you when admitting.

5) Always try to get ahead in learning more about what you do as a company. Challenge to augment your skill level so you may realize your goals in a shorter and proficient amount of time.

Now how about a paycheck for a job well done rather than a job brown nosed!!!

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