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The Scarce Pay Phone


The time was 12:05pm. While I was trooping like a hungry soldier to the concourse in pursue of lunch, a bewildered man precipitously approached me. “Excuse me sir, do you know where the closest pay phone is?” he mumbled in discomfiture. “Pay phone” I replied in shock, thinking that maybe this guy is still wedged in the 90’s? Obviously, being acquainted with the building I guided the man to his destination as his face shimmered while thanking me endlessly. “Thank you sir”, he acknowledged where I quickly departed and continued my trek on muzzling my growling stomach.

After purchasing lunch, I sat down and commenced the annihilation of my meal but ultimately halted and queried myself, “Aren’t pay phones almost extinct”, as I shook my head in scepticism. Presently, those antediluvian phones are sequestered in malls, subway stations, popular city arteries, office buildings and other remote places. These booths still exist but their visibility has radically imperilled, equally has their utilization. Priced at 50 cents a call (in Toronto), whose going to use these monsters realizing that almost everyone has cut the cord and adapted the wireless life. It’s sensible to relinquish a minimal amount of pay phones to the public since they continue to fashion revenue for companies, besides not everyone can afford it, specifically with today’s data plans.

I reminice in my younger days, pay phones mushroomed everywhere; siting one at almost every second or third intersection was a norm in my city. The price for a call back then was 25 cents, boosting their usage enormously as I’d often witness a line while trolling through a strip mall enroute to home. My parents would certify that I had a few quarters in my pocket daily, never knowing when I needed to execute a critical call. Yet as time evolved, the mowing of pay phones eventually hit hard due to their lack of exploitation. Idling pay phones were wasting electricity, space and were eventually taken from outside the building to inside.

In the early 90’s the mobile industry elevated to unpredicted heights. Plans were cheap, phones were more affordable due to subsidies, cellulars were nothing but pure convenience and this trend still thrives. Although mobile phones were ginormous back then, people still purchased them, particularly my generation where it was nothing but a fashion statement. I still have my first ever Nokia 6110 which may be easily mistaken as a weapon tucked away in a box.

Have you or a friend ever required the services of a pay phone lately?


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Technically a Small World

Hand written mails, telegrams, morse code for god sakes! These are some examples of how a society, or world for that matter, communicated once upon a time ago. Telegrams is what used to be the “in” thing when my father used to have hair. Receiving hand written mails was always a trend and believe it or not, many people have still adhered to this method of communication. However, most of these “flavor” of people are the elderly who refuse to abolish their good’ol fashion habits.


However, in the last ten (or maybe more) years, the world has definitely become smaller. News travels faster than lighting. Within minutes, you’ll find out exactly what happened across the globe. Technology has made our world smaller. Most countries around the globe have adopted to the best IT infrastructure around, serving up gigs of data for their beloved citizens to drink up. Dial-up, EDGE, GPRS, 3G, 3G LTE, Wimax and now 4G are just some names of exactly how the world has technically evolved. Man, it’s gonna get faster though! Who knows what’s in store for us…?

We have advanced so much that we must be vigilant in distributing the correct information, or else we’re screwed. So be careful with the information you send from your Blackberry, iPhone or whatever device you’re adapted with cause it’s a matter of seconds till the world reads it. It’s a small world after all (singing)…

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Navigon, leaving others in the dust!!!

NavigonChing Ching!!! That’s not just the sound of new Navigon customers downloading the #1 navigation app on Apple’s Appstore but also the rhythm of “former” TomTom users jumping on the Navigon bandwagon.

The rival navigation company has beaten TomTom not only to the AppStore but in customer satisfaction. Navigon is listening to their customers and has provided a hearty 2 software updates of one of them consisting of the vital “text to speech”.

“My gps is now complete”, quoted from a satisfied customer.

The next update which will consist of an In-App purchase will be…hold your breath…”Live Traffic”. This In-App purchase will be available for $20

Check it out:

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