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Will Justice Be Served?

(Image Source: Google Images)

(Image Source: Google Images)

A few weeks back Zack Snyder got the blood boiling of every individual in Hall #4 of the San Diego Convention Center. Snyder apparently rushed onto a flight and accompanied a small tidbit of his upcoming project, “Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice”. The minisule trailer might’ve lacked in screen time but man, did it send quakes amongst the crowd.

I don’t have access to the footage but from first blush I’ve rallied that it portrays Batman (Ben Affleck) pulling the tarp off the Bat-Signal, turning it on and glaring into the night with his white “sonar” eyes. The Bat-Signal rules the night sky for a second when after the crack of thunder you see Superman (Henry Cavill) standing in front of the Bat-Signal and staring back at the caped crusader with his red laser eyes. Batman retorts the stare with the same sonar eyes and clearly has the “What the heck are you doing here”, look. The trailer ends there and the crowd is nothing short of pumped.

In my opinion, It’s great to see Zack Snyder utilizing Frank Miller’s version of the Batman logo. Snyder has also resorted to the “armoury” adaptation of Batman, as portrayed in the comics. After all, the dark knight will need some extra “layering”, to battle Superman. You can’t really distinguish if this scene portrays Gotham or Metropolis, but if you follow the comics then history does dictate the most of the battles between Supes and Bats has been in Gotham. That’s it for the teaser. Cavill’s look hasn’t really changed since the last Superman movie, so there isn’t really much to exasperate over the man of steel. Zack Snyder also teased the audience with his rendering of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). While I won’t elaborate on the Amazonian princess in depth, I will say that she appears to be a decent fit. Many had concerns that she’s anemic for the role, yet it seems that she’s packed on some muscles and has done justice with Snyder’s foresight of Wonder Woman.

So, are the fans receiving what they want? Thus far, it appears that most of the fanfare is content with the teaser, and while appearance is a subject of discussion, the main focal point will be the storyline’s fluidity. I really hope Zack Snyder doesn’t make this Batman’s movie. It should be evenly distributed between Cavill and Affleck. Granted Ben does shoulder star power but it doesn’t mean that the caped crusader should receive all the accolades.

“Batman v Superman”, by no doubt is a shoe in for the Justice League and will be out in theatres in May 2016. Patience fellow fans, patience! Let’s hope Zack Snyder’s iteration of this movie does justice for the millions eager fans.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming flick? Does it look promising?


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Daily Prompt: Safety First – A Close Encounter


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Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

In November 2006, I ventured into Calgary after accepting an employment offer. I was keen on living in the wild west since the job market in Toronto was extremely sapless. Due to the distance, the company I joined granted me with a decent condo for a two month period, until I found permanent residency.

At first blush, the weather in Calgary was atrocious. Despite the flaky barrier, our flight landed punctually and were immediately prompted by a driver in dropping us off at our temporary nest.  The snow was mountainous and the roads were so slick it felt like we were driving on ice with small patches of drivable road. “You should’ve put some skates on this car instead of winter tires,” I joked with the driver. The driver was navigating so leisurely that I could feel myself aging. Slowly but surely we made it “home” as we neared the downtown core. We approached the ancient behemoth, unloaded our luggage and swiftly picked up our keys from the management office. We made it to our floor and located the suite (inset scary music here) which was located in the end of the hallway, snuggled against a flight of stairs.

Jostling the keys in my hand, I finally managed to find the correct match. I put the key inside and noticed that door unlocked, but the lock felt tampered. We slowly slithered into the condo as if Scooby Doo and gang we’re entering a haunted house for investigation. The obvious suspicion of intrude was labelled not only from the door but the entire carpet. There were mild footprints all over the living room and bedroom, and the unit had a unorthodox odour to it. Despite the staining, the home strangely appeared neat and tidy.

Regardless, we were on high alert and managed to sideline the issue until the superintendent was contacted. A call to my fellow Human Resources employee was placed for an explanation, since she had made arrangements for this unit. I gave here a piece of my mind as she convinced me that the “super” would make dialogue with us and rectify the situation.

The time was around 7pm and we were amidst our dinner. We were chatting about the origin of the tampered lock? Why is it so cold here? What’s there to do? Answering all the queries of a tourist without the convenience of “smartphones”. I whipped open my dell laptop, hit the google button and got to work.

All of a sudden there was a jingle of keys coming from outside our door. My wife raised her eyebrows in fear and clouded my son. We remained silent in anticipation of hearing any voices from the opposite side. There was no whispers but a buzz of someone putting a key in and struggling to enter inside. I slowly crept towards the door with my fist in the air. “Who is it?”, I yelled.

The music of keys vanished, and a thunder of footsteps followed. With cold chills, I gambled and pierced the front door open. There was a roar of feet scrambling down the stairwell as the stairway door closed. A thousand pounds lifted off my chest as the shivers slowly tapered away. “Damn guy took off,” I whispered to myself. While examining the door, I noticed (mind my lack of terminology) that the lock bar wasn’t fully locking. Using kitchen instruments, I attempted to correct the problem but to no avail we headed to bed knowing that we weren’t safe.

We slept the night in unease and thanked god the incident didn’t repeat itself, indeed that was a long night. The next morning we hunted down the superintendent and had him replace the lock promptly. As I discussed the incident with him, he mentioned something about homeless people gaining access to a few units. I gulped in fear but thanked god that nothing serious transpired from our incident.

Has anything of this nature ever happen with you?


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The Two Wheeled Monster

(Image Source: Google Images)

(Image Source: Google Images)

As life’s challenges continue to barrage my existence, I’m finally embracing the sedulous task of teaching my son to ride a bike.

If my flashbacks serve me right, I was 9 years old when I clutched the motility of coasting down sidewalks. I vividly remember my father nursing my every peddle and comforting me throughout the dreadful trek. You thought fishing required tolerance? This is truly a test of patience and you don’t apprehend it till your own bundle of joy ventures to echo history.

I know many parents would rather toss their kids on a field, where the fall would cause minimal affliction, but daddy destined to administer a different detour. Though the imagination of falling on rock hard concrete haunted my son, we remained confident and approached the two wheeled beast.

In the anticipation of generating “tears of happiness” from mommy, Maazin and I strolled down to the longest stretch of sidewalk and got to work. It was nerve racking for the little guy, as each peddle pendulated him like an intoxicated person walking on a straight line. Grasping the back of his seat in full support, I can feel the little bugger scramble to repress his weight as he meandered away. Feeling like a cheap tow, I told my son to control his body and scrutinize on reminding straight with his arms in full control. At that point I began to support him by the waist instead, as we both waddled away.

What’s a lesson without a little whining? Excuses, excuses. From the sun getting into his eyes to me picking the wrong day. He had more stories than Walt Disney! From onlookers in cars honking in support (I hope), to joggers smirking during their exertion; we were having a ball. “I remember those days,” muttered a elderly gentlemen as he snickered in sarcasm.

The waist support was more cogent as we chugged along and digested about 8 pit stops. Their were signs of rectification being broadcasted as fruits of labour seem to be pay off. He didn’t learn immediately but there was a fine distinction that Maazin seized the concept.

All of a sudden, I lost a step and let Maazin go! He coasted for a solid two meters till he lost his balance and halted with his feet. Excited, shocked and moved, I kissed him in joy and was proud that my boy conquered the prerequisites.


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Daily Prompt: Decisions, Decisions

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How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

Should I or shouldn’t I? Could it or would it? Will it or won’t it?

It’s something we all dislike but have to execute important judgments in life that require crucial rationale. Where does this thinking originate from? Surely there are times when the struggle between your gut and mind gets so intense that relaying a final verdict is a mission.

In short, any verdict coming from your gut ultimately means your heart, your acuity. Any ardent processing, theoretical or calculations your mind churns out is usually common reasoning.

Depending on the situation I tend to employ both means of executing a decision. There isn’t really a wrong or right as both trains of reasoning are correct in their respective ways, it’s electing the right train that garners the applause. Experience, scenarios, gains, consequences, obstacles are all items I try to consider when arriving to conclusion. However; there are times where my gut feeling will strike in riposte, “I told you so.”

Regardless which method you take, you should understand that with each “situation” you’re growing shrewder.


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Daily Prompt: Deja Vu – Life’s Lessons


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Have you ever truly felt déjà vu, the sensation that you’ve already had the experience you’re currently having?

Life is full of eccentric experiences but it seems that finding money and I have an exclusive liaison. Nah, I’m not talking about the usual $5-$10 flapping down a murky sidewalk. I’m talking about triple digits and more, the big bucks!

Why am I the chosen one? I query myself, or maybe god is challenging my goodness, my intentions, how good of a human am I? You know what I mean!

When I was a younger lad, my father and I had discovered someone’s hard earned money, cashed out and satiated in an envelope while leaving our building’s garage level. I recall how vividly that white envelope stood out like a sore thumb that evening, as I whisked away and snatched the prize. My father’s shadow immediately eclipsed me, gazing down with his hand firmly out and demanding the find. “We’re not going keep it?”, I muttered in disappointment. “No, it someone’s hard earned money, so we have to return it,” necessitated the boss. The total was $375 and we finally trailed down the original owner via posting a flyer in the building elevators. Luckily the originator’s surname was inscribed, leading my father to furnish his own interrogation since there were multiple amounts of people with that last name. He ultimately prospered and was offered half the amount from the owner but my dad refused. It was an important lesson as I tucked away the experience within my memory bank.

Fast forward 30 years.

Married and a father of two children now, my son and I were returning to our car from grocery shopping on a very gloomy Saturday. I quickly discharged the goodies in my car and unlocked the door for my 6 year old son (at the time). I started to buckle myself but observed that his door was still open as curiosity led him under someone’s parked car. I got out and ran around to investigate and discovered a thick white envelope was in his tenure coupled with a unique “finders keepers, losers weepers” smirk. The flashbacks started revisiting me as déjà vu settled in. I knew how to handle this. We gathered ourselves in my car and were ready for that father-son moment. I obviously knew what was inside as the envelope’s transparency was nothing short of eye candy. I let the kid have some fun, “go ahead and open it,” I said while smirking. His little hands quivered with happiness as I was stunned at the amount of bills that were inside. “Can we keep it?”, he questioned. “No, it someone else’s money, it doesn’t belong to us so we have to return it,” I clarified to him. After tallying up the discovered $1200, I properly seated my son in his carseat and patrolled the immediate perimeter. This was an easy one as the owner’s name was clearly displayed on the transaction slip and it was the only parked car in our vicinity. The bonus was that here license plate was here surname! “That was a piece of cake,” I mumbled to myself and savoured a very special déjà vu.


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Chugging Along


Chugging along in life’s journey!


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Wordless Wednesday: Connected



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